Turkey’s Majestic Sumela Monastery Reopens For Prayers After Being Restored

The UNESCO World Heritage Interim List site was closed to visitors in September 2015 for repair work owing to the risk of boulders falling over the building.

After being closed for repair for almost five years, the stately Sumela Monastery in northern Turkey has reopened its doors for mass for the first time in nearly five years.

The monastery, which overlooks a verdant valley on the Black Sea coast, reopened its doors to Christian Orthodox worship on Saturday after completing four years of repair work.

The ceremony on Saturday coincided with Christians’ observance of the Assumption of Mary.

Local officials are taking the essential precautions to maintain safety and social distance. They also made plans to offer devotees with lodging and transportation. The service is overseen by Patriarchate authorities. Before, Fener Greek Patriarch Bartholomew I presided at the liturgy.

Due to the unique coronavirus epidemic, only a limited number of people will attend the mass this year. The mass will last from 0600 to 0900GMT, and no more guests will be permitted for two hours after it concludes.

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