We all love the idea of finding hidden treasures inside our homes. Imagine just stumbling across a secret passageway or underground lair inside your own house! Well, for one man, this exciting dream actually came true—in a way no one had expected.

This man found something extremely unusual in his home—which led to the discovery of a decades-long secret that no one had expected.

Read on to find out the truth of just what this homeowner discovered within his own walls.

Marked Man
It all began when YouTube user Cyrex686 noticed some strange markings on the wall of his home. He racked his brains for what they might be a sign of, and asked his friends and neighbors within the building, but no one else had any idea either.

Now, many people might just decide to put this out of their mind and get on with their day. But Cyrex686 couldn’t shake the idea that there was something more behind this mystery—and decided to dig a little deeper.

But he had no idea the incredible discovery that was to come.

Round and Round
One particular thing that stood out about these strange markings, was that they all appeared to be round in shape. The circular shapes suggested to Cyrex686 that these marks were all designed in the same way and for the same purpose. But just what could that purpose be?

Upon looking a little closer, Cyrex686 also observed that two of the holes were quite small, but one was much larger—perhaps even large enough to fit a person.

Did he dare delve into—literally—this mystery even further?
Going Online
Cyrex686 was incredibly curious as to what might be the answer behind these mysterious round markings on his wall. And especially as one of them looked big enough for him to climb into—did he dare take the leap?

Cyrex686 decided to undertake the challenge, and also to share it with the world—and post the video of his exploration onto his YouTube channel.

He had no idea that his discovery was about to go viral and hit headlines around the world.

Into the Unknown
Cyrex686 was entranced by the idea of what could possibly be hidden behind these strange markings on his walls. After looking around the rest of his house, and racking his brains about what this strange and mysterious marks could possibly be a sign of, he was just simply out of ideas as to what it could be.

So he decided to plunge finally into the holes themselves, and upload the video of his discoveries with his YouTube followers.
It was time to finally plunge into the mystery that had been plaguing his thoughts for so long.

Little By Little
As with any unknown or mysterious task, it’s better to start small and see how you go. And that’s exactly the approach that Cyrex6868 took for this challenge.

Armed with his trusty tools and powerful drill, he started investigating just what might be hidden behind these strange round holes.

But first things first—initially, he focused on one of the smaller holes, and started drilling in to find what might be hiding there.

He had no idea the secrets within that he was about to discover.

Mystery Unplugged
As Cyrex6868 began to drill into one of these smaller holes, he was surprised by how quickly he discovered what was inside. It was clear that these mysterious marks were definitely holes—and they had been filled in with something.

Whereas the rest of the walls were made of concrete, these mysterious holes seemed to have been filled in with wood. Cyrex6868 tapped on the wooden filling, and something immediately became clear to him.
These plugged-up holes were hollow—meaning that there was something hidden on the other side of these walls.
Chamber of Secrets
The world watched in awe as Cyrex686 leapt through the hidden hole and into the dark, silent unknown. Just what would he find in its hidden walls?

As the mystery and suspense grew deeper and deeper, the fans watching desperately on YouTube started coming up with wilder and increasingly dark stories. Some people speculated that the room had been even used as some sort of prison or medieval torture chamber.

But despite the various and wild ideas, not one had come even slightly close to the truth.

Spooky Silence
One thing that particularly struck Cyrex686 as he descended into the dark and secret room, was the utter silence and stillness inside. Again, the fan theories started to get wilder and wilder, with some even speculating that the secret room had previously housed some sort of evil spirits, and they had now been released with the discovery of their lair.

But for Cyrex686, the silence was showing him something else. The utter lack of noise was clear evidence that this secret room had been sealed off from all sides.

But there were more, much more disturbing, discoveries to come.

Scary Sight
As Cyrex686 explored more and more of the dank, cavernous chamber of secrets, he slowly discovered more and more items within that could give some clue towards what this mysterious and long hidden secret room was built for.

But it seemed that the more things he discovered, the more sinister and suspicious the motives behind this secret room seemed to be.

First Cyrex686 found a random pipe abandoned on the floor, connected to nothing at all. But then he found a sharp hook—and it was hanging from the ceiling.

But there was one more even more mysterious discovery to come.

The Writing’s On the Wall
As well as these mysterious clues and slightly sinister objects he had found in the room, Cyrex686 also found something very strange and unusual on the walls of the room itself.

Looking up and down and all over the room, he could see that there were strange lines etched on the walls on every side.

This felt like a super important clue as to the true nature of the room—but what did it mean?

That’s when Cyrex686 turned to his YouTube viewers for some help in finding the truth.

Not Giving Up
Cyrex686 was starting to feel pretty frustrated and confused. And many of his fans and viewers also began to feel the same way. This mysterious, long lost and empty room must have been used for some reason. And why was it hidden away for so many years?

There simply had to be a reason, but it was starting to feel impossible that they would ever hit upon the answer. But nonetheless, Cyrex686 would not give up—and eventually he would find the piece of evidence they were all waiting for.

Follow the Lines
Despite Cyrex686 and his fans’ frustration at the ongoing mystery, no one was quite ready yet to give up on working out the secret truth behind the original use of this hidden room. There had to be a reason—they just had to keep thinking.

Cyrex686 thought and thought, and the clues seemed to keep coming back to the mysterious lines running down the walls.

Suddenly, Cyrex686 had a realization of what this might mean—and what it said about the truth behind this secret room.

A Watery Grave
Suddenly, Cyrex686 had a brainwave regarding the mysterious lines running down all over the walls of the dark and hidden room. He realized that only one thing could have caused lines in this exact formation—by the long-term flow of some kind of liquid running through it!

Cyrex686 and his fans were super excited. This was a huge step forward in finding out the true purpose behind the secret room.

Could it have been a sewage storage facility, he wondered?
In fact, the truth was something else entirely.

Coming Together
And Cyrex686 didn’t do all of this thinking and deducing of mysteries totally on his own. He also was regularly checking up on his YouTube page, looking at any of the comments from fans and viewers that might contain helpful suggestions or tips.

Thanks to the useful and helpful tips left on his video page, he worked out that it was probably an old-fashioned water cistern, a type of large tank that would have been used back in the times when the building was used as an industrial factory.
So, one mystery had been solved—but a deeper one remained.

Flood Gates
Cyrex686 had finally found the answer of what this mysterious room was in its past life, but what he found out next really blew his mind.

The fact was, that when cisterns are no longer needed, it is very common that they are simply closed off from the rest of the building, rather than the expensive and long process of removing them.

This means that Cyrex686 had actually taken far greater risks than he had ever realized—he could have opened up a massive leak of water or sewage, flooding right into his home!

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