Castillo del Agua Clara.

“During the nights, crusader knights fight sword duels in full view of tourists, while a sorcerer dressed as Merlin appears from the main tower. Bagpipe music and the crackling of bonfires help complete the Arthurian atmosphere of Agua Clara Castle . “Fortress that is not located in Europe, nor was it built in the Middle Ages, but in the vicinity of Placilla, O’Higgins Region ,” says Diego Escobedo, a Journalism student who has researched the route of the castles in Chile and who is also responsible for the photos in this column. Built by Alejandro Caerols, many nickname it the “hidden castle”, given its isolated location and the fact that few tourists have been lucky enough to see it. And its owner has chosen not to publicize what he considers his “life project”, beyond the tours he organizes directly with hotels in the area. But Caerols was not the only one who wanted to convert a piece of the Sixth Region in the Middle Ages, adds Escobedo.

Here is a drone video:


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