Maribel’s portal to hell and other Manitowoc ghost stories shared at library Tuesday

MANITOWOC – Who hasn’t heard stories of ghosts in a deserted home or strange creatures swimming in nearby cold lake waters?

Chad Lewis has the cool job of following up on such sightings throughout the U.S. and around the world. He’s written numerous books about Wisconsin folklore, including The Wisconsin Road Guide to Mysterious Creatures. He says he’s combined the most bizarre cases of the paranormal and will present a scary night of deadly spirits, hovering UFOs and mysterious beasts roaming the backroads Tuesday during a talk at Manitowoc Public Library.

“Manitowoc is great for folklore,” Lewis said. “Right on the shores of Lake Michigan, which out of all the lakes in the Midwest has the most sightings of sea creatures.”


In one story, dating to the late 1800s, construction workers saw a huge sea creature rise out of the waters and make a big splash and go back into the water.

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