Inside the secret bunker where only billionaires can afford to live

Survive a global disaster in style

With a global pandemic not long behind us and wars raging around the world, it’s no wonder that more people than ever are eyeing subterranean living as a way to survive an uncertain future.

Luckily, dank concrete shelters aren’t the only option: these days, the super-rich can survive in style. Forget rusting metal doors and crumbling concrete, and say hello to swimming pools, gardens and galleries.

Click or scroll on to tour Vivos Europa One, possibly the world’s most prestigious underground hideout…

Hidden away

Located in the heart of Rothenstein, Germany, is this five-star, members-only luxury survival bunker designed for billionaires. Said to be the world’s largest and safest bunker, private apartments cost £1.7 million ($2.2m) that’s €2 million in the local currency for a property in ‘shell condition’ with utilities.
It’ll cost extra to make it habitable and each family is expected to hire their own architect and contractor to build out their dream bunker in style. Meanwhile, semi-private suites shared between four people start at £30,000 ($38.2k) per person or €35,000 in the local currency.

Safe and Sound

Carved out of bedrock under this 400-foot mountain by the Soviets during the Cold War, the shelter was originally a fortress for military equipment and munitions but is now fully capable of withstanding pretty much any disaster, according to Vivos.

That includes “a substantial close range nuclear blast, a direct airliner crash, biological and chemical agents, massive shock waves, earthquakes, electro-magnetic pulses, flooding and virtually any armed attack”.

Behind closed doors

It’s the very definition of a hidden home; invisible to the world. From the outside it could be mistaken for a prison camp, thanks to its concrete and barbed wire perimeter fence, as well as the almost 44,000 square feet of above-ground office, apartments, warehouse buildings and its very own train depot. However, behind those doors lies an indestructible silo, with plans for some of the most luxurious properties money can buy.

Buying a Vivos shelter is a pretty competitive process and is based on a co-ownership model. To be considered as a co-owner of a shelter, you have to apply to become a Vivos member, where you’ll then be added to a giant pool of members from which somebody will be selected as the ‘best candidate’ for each shelter.

A secret arrival

So just how do you get to a bunker? Once fully built, members will arrive at their own discretion by car or private plane, prior to their lockdown at nearby airports. Vivos helicopters will then be dispatched to fly them to the compound safely and in complete secrecy.

While the subterranean sanctuary is currently in “full operational condition”, according to the website, the common areas and apartments are “ready for improvements”. With 3.1 miles of continuous tunnel chambers, Vivos contains 34 private living quarters. Let’s take a look around…

A World Of Luxury

Pretty impressive, huh? That deceptive little white door is the gateway to a whole other world of secret rooms, as exemplified in this luxury living room for residents. Each family that buys a plot here is given 2,500 square feet of floor area, spread over two floors.

Living quarters will be fitted out with power lines, plumbing, HVAC, communication lines, security systems and internet, according to Forbes.
Home from home

As you can see, the bedrooms are pretty special too – equipped with huge beds, plasma TVs, a lounge/desk area and a private bathroom. It certainly wouldn’t be a bad place to hide during a nuclear blast.

Catastrophe-proof corridors

All shelter areas are hidden behind radiation-proof vehicle entrances, such as this one here, as well as other passages people can access by foot. It really is the ultimate doomsday hideaway!

Highway to heaven

Unlike a typical driveway, getting to your luxury abode takes a little time. Each of the three main secret tunnel entrances have an outer door and a second set of steel doors that well and truly keep you locked in and protected from any potential unwanted chemicals or contaminants.
High life

But once you’re inside, the passageways will look a little more glamorous while still keeping that end-of-the-world edginess. With strip lights and wooden walkways, it’ll be an entrance like no other once the design is finished

Finishing touches

In fact, the whole interior resembles a luxury cruise ship, with high-end finishes throughout that can be customised by each family.

A whole range of equipment and entertainment will be provided for guests, such as theatres, gyms, restaurants, community meeting rooms, nursery play rooms, classrooms, training rooms, a hair salon and even the complex’s very own TV and radio stations. So there’s not much chance of getting bored while in lockdown.


Just imagine kicking back to your favourite film in this private screening room, without even having to leave the building. Complete with film posters on the walls, reclining leather chairs and an LED ceiling, it’s not far off being in a real cinema.

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