5 Mysterious places in India that you must visit

Here are 5 mysterious places in India that you must visit.

India ranks high on the list of the most mysterious countries, with many mysteries still unanswered. Because of India’s size and diversity, cultural differences, and mythological stories, it naturally becomes a land of strange tales. Some you may have heard of, but others are rare tourist destinations in India that will require a little more effort to reach.

The road less travelled often leads us to the most unforgettable places. That is why we bring you these 5 mysterious places in India that will spark conversations in your group for a very long time.

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort is reputed to be India’s most haunted location, with perhaps the biggest unsolved mystery. There is no denying that anything associated with the supernatural draws a lot of attention, and the deserted city of Bhangarh capitalises on that very idea. The fort is open to the public during the day for a small fee, but entry after sunset is prohibited by the Archaeological Survey of India. The fort is said to be cursed, and those who dare to visit it after sunset do so entirely at their own risk.

2. Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

Villagers in Ladakh’s magnetic hill believe that there was once a road that led to heaven. Those who deserved it were drawn directly to the path, while those who did not deserve it were never able to get there. You park your car here (no brakes, of course) and turn off the engine; the car will soon begin moving uphill on its own. However, science has provided theories to explain the mystery, one of which is that it is likely to be an optical illusion in which the mountain has a strong magnetic field that pulls these cars (hence the name), and the other that it is likely to be an optical illusion in which the road actually goes downhill but appears otherwise.

3. The Hanging Pillar- Lepakshi Temple

The hanging pillar, which draws thousands of tourists each day, is a massive block of granite about 20 feet tall with brilliant carvings that are not attached to the floor. While the other 69 pillars support the ceiling, one corner pillar does not even touch the temple floor. There is a small gap between the temple floor and the base of the pillar through which thin objects, such as a piece of cloth, can be passed from one side to the other.

4. Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra

The Lonar Lake is Maharashtra’s most mystical and well-kept secret, thanks to a meteor impact over 52,000 years ago. As a result, Lonar Lake was formed. Yes! That’s right. Lonar, a small village about 140 kilometres from Aurangabad, is home to a spectacular meteor impact crater. It is known as the world’s only hyper-velocity impact crater in the basaltic rock, and it contains an alkaline and saline lake.

5. Mass bird suicide- Jatinga, Assam

No amount of rationalisation can take away the sense of foreboding that occurs when the intense event occurs. Do everything you can to make this one of the places in India that you visit and see for yourself. As the sun begins to set, hundreds of birds begin to fall from the sky, committing avian suicide. This unusual occurrence elevates this village to the status of India’s most mysterious location. The location has turned out to be a bird’s equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. It is such a remarkable occurrence that the locals have even created a festival to commemorate it.

So, now that you know about such places, why don’t you go visit them in person to have an unforgettable, spooky experience?

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