What is this thing?

This looks like a lapel bar, but it seems far too narrow for that purpose. It’s an old family heirloom belonging to a friend, no one remembers what it was for.


CrashTestDuckie SAID:
neongrayjoy SAID 

My title describes the thing. This item is made of metal adorned with large jewels on either end, likely cubic zirconia or something of that nature. It unscrews at one end. It may be around 100 years old. That’s really all we know.

WISE_bookwyrm SAID

Jabot pin. Though they were often worn on hats — probably Art Deco era (post-WWI through 1920s)

pinkygreeny SAID

Think it could be a hat pin. Or a fur pin.
Or, could also be worn on the collar? Like a collar closure.

Sudden_Position5568 SAID

I think a collar(tie) pin.I have maybe 30 gold plated ones from loooong ago.

Ramentootles SAID

Maybe it’s bellybutton piercing?

Odd-mod SAID

It’s a collar tie pin. It holds your collar tabs together neatly when wearing a tie.

Arturo_Binewski SAID

Looks like a barbell cufflink.

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