Couple’s home came with secret room and they never knew about it.

A couple were left stunned after stumbling across a secret room in their new family home — that looks like a torture dungeon.

The homeowners discovered the bizarre hideout after purchasing the property in Logan, Utah.

Despite initially appearing as just an ordinary lounge, one of the room’s typically mundane pieces of furniture was concealing a hidden den.

The mom-of-two explained that a bookcase positioned against the wall “looked off,” so she decided to try and move it elsewhere

But she soon realised the storage unit was actually secured on and disguising a secret door — that she had no idea existed.

The new resident explained the room “hadn’t been included on the listing” of the home built in 1978, leaving her baffled by the mysterious discovery.

She shared spooky pictures showing the stages of her opening the bookcase on Reddit, before revealing the eerie dungeon lurking behind the wall.

A large bookcase in the home was actually concealing a secret "dungeon."
A large bookcase in the home was actually concealing a secret “dungeon.”Reddit/@u/gundam2017

The image, seemingly snapped on a night vision camera, shows a concrete room with just one fold-out chair chillingly set up inside.

Various other objects can be seen strewn around the hidey-hole, leaving Reddit users baffled by the purpose of the spooky secret shelter.

The woman wrote: “I have to see what is going on with the lights here but it has dedicated fresh air, power, etc.”

The couple had only come across the room after viewing and buying their new pad.

She said there were five other bids on the home — so other house hunters also didn’t notice the concealed room, but “doubts it scared anyone.”

She explained there were no records of the secret room being built and that it was buried under “almost 3ft of concrete” below the back porch.

The room in the Utah property initially appeared ordinary at first glance.
The room in the Utah property initially appeared ordinary at first glance.Reddit/@u/gundam2017

“The roof is 3 ft of concrete and I’m betting the walls are too,” the homeowner added.

The strange setup set Redditor’s tongues wagging, with many fearing it could have been used as a “serial killer’s” bunker.

One wrote: “Fun new home DIY project: search missing persons cases in the area and trying to determine which of them was tortured in your new home!”

The cabinet was hiding a secret dungeon like room.
The bookcase was hiding a secret dungeon like room.Reddit/@u/gundam2017

Another added: “I got the absolute HEEBIEST of jeebies looking at this place. Glad I’m not the only one.”

While another added: “That chair makes it look like someone was tortured in there…other than that super cool! Best of luck with your haunted hidden room!”

But another user offered an explanation for the mysterious dungeon, claiming the home previously belonged to a relative.

secret room
A commenter on Reddit actually recognized the house and was able to help solve the mystery.Reddit/@u/gundam2017

They wrote: “I know that house. That is my wife’s grandparents house.

“It’s just south of Logan, UT. That panic room was actually constructed really recently, like around 8 years ago.

“It was more of a pet project of her grandpa than a panic room.”

Hidden secrets

The relieved mom-of-two replied: “That’s super awesome actually and makes more sense, especially with how updated the electric in the room is.

“Tell whoever thank you for an awesome house and let them know you guys are welcome to stop by and check it out as we update it!”

She told invested Reddit users she would be taking advantage of the dungeon’s low temperatures by converting it into a gym area.


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