The massive abandoned ‘haunted’ mansion being taken over by nature

Dunmore Park House in Falkirk, Scotland, was once a grand mansion but now lies abandoned

A huge abandoned mansion, which was used in the TV series Outlander, is being taken over by nature after plans to turn it into a golf club and stately home fell through. The mansion, Dunmore Park House, was once the home of George Murray, the 5th Earl of Dunmore, and was built by architect William Wilkins in the 1820s.

In 1911, the Jones timber family bought the house and kept it until 1960. For three years, the mansion in Falkirk, Scotland, was a girls’ boarding school but was left empty in 1964.

Parts of the estate were sold off and some areas were knocked down in 1972 because they weren’t safe. There were plans to knock down the whole building in 1987, but this didn’t happen.

Since then, many more plans to restore or demolish the building have also not happened. Now, the building is empty and some people who like exploring old buildings say they heard ghosts there in 2019.

In recent years, plans to turn the property into a golf club, luxury houses, and a new stately home have all fallen through because it would cost millions to fix it. In 2014, the mansion was used as a filming location for the first episode of the popular TV series Outlander – where it was used as the field hospital where the main character Claire Fraser looked after wounded soldiers.

The grounds are also home to Scotland’s “most bizarre building” the “Dunmore Pineapple” – a summer house constructed in the shape of a pineapple for the 4th Earl of Dunmore in 1761.

Abandoned Dunmore House in Falkirk. Photo released February 27 2024. Stunning drone pictures show massive abandoned and ‘haunted’ mansion – used in Outlander’s first episode.Dunmore Park House was once the home of George Murray, 5th Earl of Dunmore, and built by architect William Wilkins in the 1820s.In 1911, the home was purchased by the Jones timber family, and was in their possession until 1960.For three years, the mansion in Falkirk in Scotland served as a boarding school for girls, but was abandoned in 1964.

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