Philadelphia family finds mysterious metal object on roof of home

One Philadelphia family is still trying to figure out why a strange metal object ended up on their roof and how it got there.

From a plane, or something else?

On Wednesday afternoon, two FAA investigators arrived at the home of Sara and Fabian Lima, on the 700 block of Saint Georges Road, to assess a strange metal object found on the roof.

The day before, the Limas had discovered the object, apparently metal with a circular shape cut out on one end. The object looks like it’s about 8 feet high by 2 feet long. It’s also a bit weathered and rusted. They only had guesses as to what it was.

Philadelphia Mount Airy

“It looks exactly like a plane window section,” Fabian Lima said. “I have not heard of any planes missing doors in this area, so I have a hard time saying that was a straight face, but it’s the only thing I can think of.”

The Limas said they didn’t even hear it land, but Tuesday evening, they were left wondering – who do we call?


“I just don’t know if I should touch it,” Fabian Lima said. “Is it evidence? Is it something I should let go and let a professional do it? Or should I get up there and hit it up with a hockey stick? If it’s really heavy, it might cause some problems if I just whack it off there.”

Eventually, with the FAA inspectors on the scene Wednesday afternoon, Fabian Lima leaned of out a second story window and used a pool skimmer to poke the object down. It crumpled a little when it fell to the ground.

The FAA inspectors then photographed and measured the object, and instructed the Limas to hang onto the object until the FAA has completed their investigation. The inspectors also spoke with neighbors to see if they heard anything fall.

A spokesperson for the NTSB said that the FAA would first need to determine whether it’s an accident or incident and only then would the NTSB investigate.

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