When A Man Knocked Down The Wall of His, He Found an Ancient Underground City That Could Accommodate 20,000 People

In 1963, a man in the Turkish province of Nevşehir tore down a basement wall and found a massive underground metropolis.

According to accounts from the period, the guy sledgehammered his wall and discovered a tunnel behind it, followed by further tunnels. Later exploration would find it to be an 18-story-deep underground city with chapels, schools, and stables.

Wine receptacles in the underground maze. Image credit: bitmask

The city, also known as Derinkuyu, had been deserted for generations, possibly to the relief of the guy who had just pounded his way in. According to archaeologists from the Turkish Department of Culture, construction on the city, which could have held up to 20,000 people, may have started as early as the 8th and 7th century BCE.

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