Discovering Just Enough Room Island, Earth’s Tiniest Inhabited Island

Just Enough Room Island is a tiny patch of land located in the St. Lawrence River, which separates New York from Ontario, Canada. The island is so small that it barely measures 3,300 square feet. Despite its miniature size, the island has enough room to accommodate a cramped cottage, a tree, and a pair of deck chairs. The island, once known as Hub Island, was purchased in the 1950s by the wealthy Sizelands family who sought to create a cozy holiday home.

The Island’s Unique Features

Just Enough Room Island is known for its unique features. The outpost, which sits above the river year-round, can sustain two trees or shrubs, making it one of 1,864 tiny patches of land poking out of the St. Lawrence River. The tiny island is about half the size of Bishop Rock, which the Guinness Book of World Records claimed was the world’s smallest inhabited island. However, it lost its crown in 1982 after the island’s lighthouse became automated, so there was no need for humans to man it.

The island’s dimensions are so small that one misstep could lead to a swim. “The speck of land squeezes a house and a couple of wrought-iron benches pushed hard up against the shingles onto its banks,” wrote Andrea Sachs of The Washington Post in 2010. Despite its small size, the island is an attractive tourist spot, especially for those who seek remote and peaceful destinations.

The Sizeland Family and Their Vision for Just Enough Room Island

The Sizeland family envisioned a comfortable-but-remote getaway when they purchased Just Enough Room Island in the 1950s. They built a livable home that encompassed just about all of their tiny property. There are a couple of trees, a miniature beach, and several deck chairs, but that’s pretty much it. The island met the requirements to qualify as an island, which include having an area larger than one square foot, at least one tree, and remain above water year-round, according to Slate.

Although the island has become a popular tourist attraction, the Sizelands probably do not approve of the attention since they built their vacation home to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the interior of the house, which raises a few questions, such as whether there is working plumbing.

Other Islands in the Thousand Islands Archipelago

Just Enough Room Island is one of the notable stops for Thousand Island sightseers. Some of the other islands that are worth visiting include Heart Island, which features a full-blown castle built by hotelier George C. Boldt as a gift to his wife. The castle was designed to rival European castles and features a gorgeous flower garden, a yacht dock, and a spectacular ballroom. Although construction was halted when Boldt’s wife passed away in 1904, the castle has been renovated in recent years, and tourists can actually walk inside the impressive structure. The castle is even available for weddings, according to the castle’s official website.

Aside from these two islands, there are many other attractions in the Thousand Islands archipelago. For instance, Wellesley Island on the American side has state parks, golf courses, and its lake, while the Canadian side boasts Wolfe Island, the chain’s largest island by length at 18 miles. Although most of the 1,864 islands are privately owned, tourists can book boat tours to see them from the water.


Just Enough Room Island, Earth’s tiniest inhabited island, is a unique destination with a fascinating history. Although it is a private island, it is an attractive spot for tourists seeking

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