Car cave. Cavern Of Lost Souls.

AN EERIE car graveyard dubbed the “Cavern of Lost Souls” is full of ditched motors left abandoned for decades.

Rotting shells of the never-ending pile of vehicles lie still in an abandoned Welsh mineshaft that resides underneath a mountain.

Located in the Ceredigion/Gwynedd area of west Wales, near a village called Corris Uchaf, this disused mine lies silent and flooded as it begins to crumble away.

Its workers are long gone and the only light that shines in this place is the single beam that makes its way through a small opening above the main cavern.

But the most notable thing about this former workplace is the remarkable stack of cars that reach the ceiling.

The huge pile of vehicles looms out of the darkness, surrounded by other disused items including refrigerators and old TV’s that have been tipped through the small entrance.

Despite the relative calm that engulfs this place, where all you can hear is water droplets dripping from the ceiling, it is incredibly dangerous to get to.

In order to access the cave, you are required to grapple down a 90-degree cliff, where old paths have eroded away and slippery slopes await.

But should you overcome the horror trek, then several tons of rotting iron, oils, antifreeze, and plastic that turn the water a menacing emerald green await.

The rest of the diesel dump is a shrine to the lives of the average British family in the 1960s and 70s.

Here you have a video exploring inside this cave

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