The abandoned property that was once home to famous poet John Milton.

These remarkable pictures show the inside of an abandoned historic manor which has been left empty for 26 years.

A vintage copy of the Daily Mail celebrating the birth of Prince William lies gathering dust alongside many other forgotten relics, including typewriters, vinyl records, personal photographs and an ornate organ in the deserted Berkyn Manor, near Slough.

The copy of the Daily Mail dated June 23rd 1982 lies folded on a table. The front page, reading ‘A prince goes home’, marks the day Princess Diana took the newborn Prince William home from St Mary’s Hospital.

Urban explorer and photographer Oliver James, 43, ventured inside the manor, which was last inhabited in 1987. He said: ‘I felt as if I was in a Poirot novel. As I walked around, I tried to piece together the lives of the people who had lived there.

‘The place is full of artifacts, as if it were a time capsule. It was amazing to see the newspaper from the day Prince William was born.’

The Manor, which is four miles from Windsor Castle, has stood empty and decaying since the last resident, Ernest Rayner, died aged 96.
It was first bought by the Rayner family in 1945 – who still own the home and 60 acres surrounding it.

The historic home was also once the home of John Milton, the English poet who wrote Paradise Lost. He lived in the house with his parents from 1632 to 1638.
These pictures show Berkyn Manor - which has been empty since its last occupant died in 1987. Pictured is the kitchen where a rocking chair sits next to an Aga stove

King: A picture of Edward VIII lies next to a collection of old letters in the manor house, located in 50 acres of land near Windsor

A copy of the Daily Mail from June 23, 1982, is left folded on a table with the headline 'A prince goes home'. It was published after the birth of Prince William

A pram sits in the corner of one of the home's dilapidated rooms next to peeling wallpaper and old family portraits. It is still owned by the Rayner family

Exterior shot of Berkyn Manor, once the home of the poet John Milton - who famously wrote Paradise Lost. He lived there as a child from 1632 to 1638

An organ - still with a piece of music propped up on it - covered in dust with an old hat still hanging off it. It is one of several musical instruments in the building

A valuable underwood typewriter lies left in the hallway next to two jugs, a couple of cups, a book, some keys and even a small black-faced clock
A piano covered in debris from the crumbling walls and ceiling sits next to a ruined chest of draws with a mirror on top. A children's book sits on the surface

A rather beaten- up looking record player covered in vinyl discs - some still in their original, but now tired looking, cases sits in one of the living spaces of the property

A deer head lies on the floor next to a vintage radio and two broken chairs. The photographer said he could imagine the lives of previous inhabitants while walking around

Two framed family portraits left behind in the Manor. Ernest Rayner, who died age 96, is the last known inhabitant of the historic house

Hundreds of historical and fictional  books tumble out of the shelves and lie gathering dust on a table in the manor's old library

A family photograph propped up on a shelf sits next to an old vase

Another exterior shot of Berkyn Manor shows how the home is surrounded by fencing. Many of the windows have been smashed, also


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