Sheesh Mahal in Hoshiarpur

Hoshiarpur is one of the ancient cities of India which is situated in the northeastern side of Punjab. It possesses many historical sites and monuments which displays the aura of this place. In that, one of the magnificent attractions is Sheesh Mahal. It is positioned in the heart of city, on the colonized area of Hoshiarpur. It was constructed by Lala Hans Raj Jain during the period of 1911 and it is a place having immense historical value in it. It is marvelous piece of architecture displaying the lifestyle during the regime of Sikh and British era.

Hoshiarpur being the city of ancient times has many chronological evidences but the aura of this building is superior to all. This building depicts the exquisite designing and wonderful workmanship of that era but due to government carelessness it has been somewhat razed out during the course of time. It is highly encroached from all sides making it shattered behind the high rising structures. But the significance of this place can’t be ignored as it is one of the praised places of history. Legends said that the craftsmen hands were cut off by the inceptor; so that they could not make this kind of splendid building once again at some other place and it remained a flawless monument for all time.

Architecture of Sheesh Mahal in Hoshiarpur
Architecture is the main subject for the tourist coming in for tourism. Its fine work of glass, inside and outside, makes it the most heavenly location of Hoshiarpur attractions. This structure is completely built with glass material including its walls, roof, exterior, pillars, and everything is decorated with glass objects. It displays the exact environment of royal palaces during the ancient times. The sculptures of men and women showcased in the arena are displaying the daily routine of that time. This is the amazing way to have glance of chronology which give the perception of reality.Sheesh Mahal is divided into major three parts, in which it includes exterior side, ground floor and first floor. It is constructed in very compatible manner considering the aura of landscaped palaces. To make the external view of this magnificent palace alluring, people need to stand outside the structure which is beautifully architecture with designing and construction. In ground floor, there are two rooms displaying the lifestyle during childhood of ruler. Craftsmen have marvelously crafted the complete arena and given outstanding look of that period. On taking flight of stairs to first floor, there is the full-fledged display of king’s auditorium, displaying the seating arrangement of important guests and marshals with King in the centralized place.

The interior of Sheesh Mahal is decorated with marvelous glass work which is called as Tukri work. This form of designing was one of the most admired forms of interior decoration. In that, small colourful pieces of glasses are laid in the plaster in such way that one facet of glass glitters out of wall.

This form of artistic design is incepted in this entire building which displays the hard work of artisans. Alongside there is glass painting done on the roof of this monument which are artistically painted and fixed in the roof.

People reaching there are quite disappointed with the maintenance of the monument, but insightful significant and beauty just steals the heart of every visitor.

How to reach Sheesh Mahal in Hoshiarpur
Sheesh Mahal remains open on all 365 days in a year from morning to evening. It is located in the market place which is called as Sheesh Mahal market. Travelers can easily trace out this place located in the heart of city. Auto Rickshaws and other public transport are available from every corner of city to reach there. People coming by own vehicle should be aware that there is scarcity of parking area here. Hence, they must take care before going there.
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