Look Inside This Bizarre Abandoned Fort For Sale Off The Welsh Coast

A unique and old building on the coast of Pembrokeshire is an attraction for all lovers of adventure and nature. This Stack Rock building was built around 1850.

Although it was very important at the time it was built, the bizarre fell into disuse and for a long time, only a few things from the 1930s remained inside it. 150 soldiers.
Successful businessman Phil Hedley reveals that he has clear plans for this old building. He is asking to buy it for the sum of £250,000.

For a long time, many businesswomen are struggling to buy the bizarre. According to Hedley, this place could be turned into a wonderful resort that would attract thousands of visitors. He said that this can be a smart investment that will provide you with a lot of profits.

In addition, if the resort is built, the locals of Pembrokeshire will also have many benefits. This old castle could be the purpose of the memorial, but Hedley decided to realize it in the form of a community project. According to him, this is a fabulous building that should be used.

He would do this even without receiving any monetary benefit. This castle can be used following a new architectural concept and design, to make the way easier for people to visit.

Phil Hedley is hoping to cover the cost of buying the island. If this were to happen, the realization of the project would soon begin, for which the businessman speaks with confidence.

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