Everything You Should Know About the Vile Vortices

The Vortices Are Equally Divided

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You might notice that these vortices seem pretty spread out. That’s because half are distributed above the equator and half are distributed below the equator. In fact, five are along the Tropic of Capricorn, and five are along the Tropic of Cancer, with only the North and South Pole not being along those lines, meaning the vortices are mostly located near warm, tropical climates. They’re also evenly spread out distance-wise, which investigators have suggested prove there is something logical and mathematical to the chaos.

They Might Be Caused by “Electro-Magnetic Aberration”

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Sanderson and other paranormal theorists had a few ideas on what exactly caused all of these places to be in order. One such idea involved Ley Lines, or the idea that important places and manmade objects line up because of spiritual energy or earthly feng shui. Other theories have more to do with subtle matter energy or electro-magnetic aberration, which is an idea involving geometric patterns actually addressed by Plato thousands of years ago.

But when you get right down to it, we still don’t fully know why these locations appear to line up so well, or what causes them to be hot-beds of paranormal activity.

The Infamous Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle has a long and sordid history, as well as a few “celebrity” guest appearances. Whole fleets of torpedo bombers, spy planes, navy ships, the infamous Mary Celeste and more have all come to mysterious calamity in the area of ocean near the tip of Florida. Even those who have not been lost there have reported glowing water, spinning compasses, random malfunctions, and strange sightings while passing through. In short, something weird is going on down there, even if some simply credit the gulf stream and other natural phenomena.

The other thing we know for certain is that people are dying here. In the last 100 years, over 1000 people have lost their lives to the Bermuda Triangle. Whether or not you believe something paranormal is happening, you have to admit that those are some pretty scary numbers.

The Megaliths Make Planes Vanish

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Ancient ruins may hold a lot of mystery, but these particular ruins hold a little something extra. If you were to go to Timbuktu and then travel north, you might come across an ancient burial ground at Djebel Mazala Salluste, where there are cave paintings and great monoliths to mark the area. While archeologically they’re quite impressive, there ‘s also a strange aura hanging over the place.

You see, many planes disappear while flying over the Sahara Desert, and some people believe this vortex may be the cause. Is it a curse from the spirits? Something to do with the underground fault line? Strange powerful minerals? We may never know.

The Origin City of Hinduism May House Violent Gods


West of the Indus River, in the Indus Valley, there are the remains of a large and ornate city called Mohenjo-daro, which means Mound of Krishna. It is said that it was from this great and ancient city that the birth of the Hindu religion first arose. While this all sounds quite lovely and peaceful, the story doesn’t stop there.

After its discovery in the 1920s, excavation began and archeologists came across the scattered corpses of at least 40 people. Considering that the god Shiva is pictured a lot in the city, and Shiva is god of destruction, many still believe today that the city has some dark power to it. Considering this place fits into the Vile Vortices map, could it be that this dark power is what made the civilizations of the Indus Valley mysteriously disappear?

Hawaii’s Volcanos Could be Doing More Than Just Spitting Fire

Photo: skeeze / Pixabay / CC0 1.0

To be clear, this particular vortex is said to be off the coast of Hawaii, and is the site of ship and plane disappearances. However, the source of its power is often said to be the volcano at Hamakulia. What’s more, the locals as well as scientists who have watched the volcano tell stories that may lend some credence to that belief.

For one, locals say that strange lights can sometimes be seen around the volcano, and have for a very long time. This volcano is also particularly active because it is right along the “ring of fire.” Scientists also say that the area around the volcano is prone to piezomagnetic effects, which means that magnetization of rocks and strange electrical energy could be flowing throughout the region. So, it could be that planes and ships find that this interferes with their navigation equipment.

The Japanese Government Forbade Ships from Traveling the Devil’s Sea

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Japan takes their Devil’s Sea pretty seriously. After all, the area is steeped in ancient lore dating back all the way to 1000 BC. The ancient Chinese believed that there was a massive dragon in the sea in that region that pulled ships to their death in the 1200s. Even Kublai Kahn’s military forces fell prey to the Devil’s Sea. While most people stopped believing that as time passed, that didn’t stop ships from vanishing or sinking without a trace.

All this finally culminated in 1952, when a research vessel, the Kaio Maru No. 5 set out to look into the strange phenomenon of the area. Unfortunately they didn’t get any answers. Instead, the ship and its crew of 31 mysteriously disappeared. In response, the Japanese government declared the Devil’s Sea unsafe for research ships and transporting.

The South Atlantic Anomaly is the Bermuda Triangle of Space

This vortex is particularly interesting because the area itself has been extensively studied by NASA.

The Earth is surrounded by an inner and outer radiation belt. In the South Atlantic, the inner radiation belt comes closer to the Earth’s surface than anywhere else, creating an area where the earth’s magnetic field is weaker, there’s a flux of energetic particles. Satellites who go through this belt often experience malfunctions and glitches, and astronauts see strange shooting star-like lights.

This also causes serious problems for aircrafts. Planes disappear mysteriously in the area, which probably has something to do with navigational and electronic malfunctions.

The Wharton Basin May Still Hold the Remains of Flight MH370

Near the North East corner of the Indian Ocean lurks the Wharton Basin. Along the floor of the ocean here, there are many deep fractures, and different plates meet. Because of that, the area sees quite a bit of seismic activity, which has been studied extensively.

However, researchers don’t have a map of this area of the ocean floor, and they have not tried to make one since the ’60s. What’s more, the area has come to recent fame as the possible resting place of flight MH370, which vanished in 2014. There’s no trace of the Malaysian plane, and though the search continues, we may never truly know what happened.

It’s not the first time planes and ships have been lost in this vortex, and is probably won’t be the last.

The Easter Island Heads May Have More to Tell Us

You’ve no doubt heard of the Easter Island Heads and the mysteries surrounding them and the civilization that built them. These massive stone statues were built and moved by mysterious means, and the civilization that built them eventually vanished due to poor resource management and other economic issues.

Some people even believe that the stones were moved by aliens, which would tie in nicely to Ivan T. Sanderson’s belief that UFOs may have something to do with the vile vortices.

A Party Destination with Dark Secrets

East of Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful ocean with many luxurious beaches. As you can imagine, that attracts tourists in large numbers, but what most of them don’t know is that they’re tanning right alongside a vile vortex. This has proven to be one of the tamer vortices of the bunch, though the area has spurred its fair share of mysteries.

Perhaps the most high profile incident was the disappearance of the Tunante II, a small boat that vanished without a trace in 2014, with the families of those missing raising complaints that authorities seem to have “no interest” in finding the ship

The Loyalty Islands Have No Loyalty to Reason

The Loyalty Islands reside off the East coast of Australia, above New Zealand by a ways. Sailors have long reported strange and violently changing currents in the area, as well as strange whirlpools and vortices of water. This can make for some pretty nasty sailing condition, and many ships have been lost navigating the region.

Moroever, scientists discovered in 2012 that a nearby island long established on maps and weather charts seems to have completely vanished.

North Pole Weirdness

It’s always been known that things get a little wonky around the poles, and that if you stand right on one your compass will spin. But could there be something paranormal going on? Sanderson thought yes, and someone who might agree with him is Captain Sir John Franklin.

In 1845, an expedition for the North Pole left from England in search of the North Pole. They never made it. All 129 men were lost, and few traces were found of them until over 150 years later. We now know that there was lots of death, cold, and eventually cannibalism. Whether they were stopped in their tracks by weather or something more sinister is something we may never know.

The South Pole Might Harbor Ancient Civilizations

Antarctica now has a population of around 4,000 people, most of whom are researchers. Even still, this abundance of scientific professionals and yet to yield any concrete explanations for some of the region’s strange happenings. Some people still believe there are ancient civilizations hidden under the area around the South Pole, as evidenced by a mysterious rock formation that could be a pyramid. This is hard to check, because even today the South Pole is rarely visited or studied due to harsh weather conditions and great distance.

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