8 Mysterious Places In Nepal: Explore Beyond The Uncanny, Unexplainable, And Unfathomable

Those who love to travel know the satisfaction one gets as a traveler when ticking off nearly all the places in the world! Travelers also know the feeling of, ‘where to next’, even before returning from a vacation. With time and changing tradition and culture, many places are yet to be explored. If you are the one interested in visiting weird places and literally have had too much of regular ones, then this article is about the haunted places in Nepal. It is surely going to be of great help for you. Read on to find the mysterious places in Nepal.

Mysterious places in Nepal
Ghost and spirits are just two names of the many supernatural powers, people claim to see or experience. However, there is still no evidence of their existence. But the numerous experiences, make us doubt in the existence of such supernatural myths.

1. Ranibann

The place took its name, ‘Raniban’ due to the beautiful forest present there. The queen used to spend her days here. Nobody dares to visit the jungle of Raniban during the night. Wondering why? Read on to find out.

Reason: People say that they can hear the noises of a girl crying but they find nothing when they go and see. It is also said that a girl was raped and murdered here. The murderer was found hanging on a tree of this forest after 2 days of the incident. The forest is one of the most haunted places of Nepal.
Location: Achham District in Seti zone of west Nepal

2. Aryaghat of Pashupatinath Temple

Being a center for many of the Hindu rituals, this place is best known for burning the dead bodies. Due to this custom, many rituals are also performed at this place. The place where rituals are performed is called, ‘Aryaghat’, and is one of the haunted places in Nepal.

Reason: People have fear and claim that they hear noises and screams of people.
Location: on the bank of the Bagmati river in the eastern part of Kathmandu valley

3. Devighat in Chitwan

This place is a famous center of culture and religion of the Hindus. Police in July 2009, found the skull of a person in this area, adding it to the list of the haunted places in Nepal. Yet this place is regarded as the holiest place for the religion center.

Reason: People claim that they see a few ladies dancing on their own here and some sort of fire can be seen lit in them. Intrigued?
Location: on the side of Seti Gandaki and Krishna Gandaki rivers

4. Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain, is not easy to climb. Out of the many people who try to climb the peak, only a few are successful. In the course, people have died too, while some return to the base camp and very few reach the top.

Reason: It is said that there was a man who tried to reach the mountain top but failed and died. So he is there to help and encourage fellow climbers, who are trying to reach the top.
Location: Himalayan areas of Nepal

5. Royal Palace of Nepal

The Nepalese Royal Massacre occurred on the ground of Narayanhity Royal Palace on 1st June 2001. This was held at the residence of Nepalese monarchy. Altogether, 10 families were killed brutally, inside the house in that massacre.

Reason: The people living inside of the palace, including the king and the queen, were killed in a mysterious gunshot massacre. Since then people say that they can hear the noises and screams.
Location: Narayanhity Royal Palace

6. Mugling Narayanghat Road

Travelling through beautiful and serene roads with your partner could be really fun. The amazing views during travel can really lift up one’s soul. Traveling at night is much more adventurous and thrilling as compared to traveling during the day. But sometimes this journey of traveling might turn into a nightmare!

Reason: People claimed that traveling during the day on this road was a combination of both a drive and some weird activities. Though this was observed only in the older days and due to huge traffic here during the night, such activities are not seen yet.
Location: Road of Mugling to Narayanghat

7. Bank of Sundarijal

This place is famous, as water is supplied to major parts of Kathmandu from here. Along with this impressive fact, this is also known that this place also has some dark sides.

Reason: The people claim that this place has taken the lives of people. The reason is weird but the people who come here lose their life during normal acts of swimming.
Location: 15 km northeast of Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu

8. East-West Highway

This is also known as the longest highway of the country and one of the mysterious places of Nepal. On the way is a patch of very dense forest. This midway patch where the dense forest appears is listed as one of the haunted places of Nepal.

Reason: The people claim that while traveling during this place they can hear weird and different noises.
Location: Mechi in the east to Bhim Dutta in the west

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Many of the places listed above are claimed to be haunted, while they may not necessarily be. But these are definitely some mysterious places in Nepal. One thing to be noticed is that many people claim and believe but have not seen or had a proof of such mysteries. Book a trip to Nepal and solve the mysteries for yourself!

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